The accuracy of your IRRs and NPVs depends to a large extent on the quality of the assumptions that go into the financial model. However, there is one element that also affects the accuracy of the calculations.
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Many finance problems inherently involve circular calculations. The most common of them is balancing the balance sheet. So how do we typically solve such kind of modeling problems?
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In his brilliant book Beautiful Evidence, Edward Tufte—nicknamed the Leonardo da Vinci of data by The New York Times—introduced six principles that he calls the fundamental principles of analytical design.
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We've always been fascinated by the concept of “time”. It's probably the most important concept known to mankind and has long been a major subject of study in religion, philosophy, and science.
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Adopted public policies affect everyone—they're called public for a reason after all. Nowhere is this truer than in the realm of defense policy.
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The danger of using the wrong metrics for policy making how-accurate-are-your-irrs-and-npvs Avoid circularity in financial models Edward Tufte analytical principles compared with what to find seasonality use cycle plots how accurate are your IRRs and NPVs

It’s useful to distinguish two types of average measures: Simple average (or arithmetic average) and weighted average. Both—simple and weighted averages—are widely used in practice but each type is more appropriate to use than the other for certain purposes and applications.
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Don't average averages. simple average versus weighted average The ecological correlation fallacy

If you ask a group of data analysts and data visualization experts to choose the most important chart type to display data, most probably “The scatterplot” would be the response you’ll get. And they have a point.
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Review of the book The Functional Art by Alberto Cairo

Outside the realm of hard sciences, I generally follow a simple heuristic to identify books worth reading. 1) Read books that have been in print for 15 years or so. 2) Break rule #1 for books written by authors who have in their portfolio at least one book that passes rule #1.
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When you look at correlation, when you hear correlation you’ve got to be suspicious. Learn how not to be fooled by relationships that are completely spurious.
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How to Create a Bar Chart With Labels Above Bar in Excel